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Electric Island Waiheke (EIW) began advocating in 2018, for the use of electric power for transport and equipment - and the non-use of fossil-fuels - by 2030.

EIW aims to educate the people of Waiheke about the cost advantages of clean energy and the benefits of a pollution-free environment. It does this in several ways:

  • By offering free EV trials – try before you buy. More than 100 residents have already done so and there are now over 400 electric vehicles on Waiheke Island (Aug 2021).

  • In conjunction with EECA and Vector, providing 80 free residential chargers for EVs. Also public chargers and a mobile charger.

  • By running EV EXPOs at Waiheke High School where people can learn the cost and environmental benefits of EVs and solar power.

  • By organising an annual EV Pride Day to demonstrate (and photograph en masse) as many of the hundreds of EVs already on Waiheke, as possible.

  • Providing solar tours to show the advantages of installations already in place on the Electric Island.

  • Assisting the publishers of EVs & Beyond in the promotion of their annual conference at Waiheke Island Resort.

Free EV Trial on Waiheke

GVI Electric and Electric Island Waiheke originally teamed up to make EVs available to Waiheke residents for a 2 day trial. GVI has generously made this offer again in 2021.

You must have a ‘clean’ full NZ driver’s licence to drive the vehicles.

If you’re interested, please contact

Public EV Chargers

EIW has actively promoted the need for public EV chargers on Waiheke. While most residents charge their EVs at home, pubic chargers are essential for visitors who bring their EVs to the island.

In association with Vector and EECA public chargers are in place at Oneroa (behind the Oyster Inn), and Surfdale (in the public car park) with free use.Six new locations are planned for late 2021.

Four free public chargers are located in the Carpark of Countdown Supermarket. These are generously provided by Countdown at no cost.

A portable EV charger will also soon be made available to the AA breakdown service on Waiheke.

Meanwhile, check out the hundreds of sites listed on the back page of EVs & Beyond . Your go-to-place for NZ EV information.

Annual EV Expo 2022

Our annual EV EXPO will be Sunday 20th February 2022 on the grounds of the Waiheke High School.

In 2020 hundreds of people of all ages attended. Unfortunately in 2021 the 'virus' meant we had to cancel.

Exhibitors have been invited for all kinds of EVs from huge trucks (including our own EV rubbish trucks), AT buses, commercial vans, EV (cars ranging in price), e-off roaders, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, e-wheelchairs, e-lawnmowers, e-power tools, e-boats, and possibly hydrogen powered vehicles

Solar exhibitors will include starter packages for homes homes and industry settings.


More information will be available as we enter 2022

Calling all EVs 2022

Our Annual "EV Pride Day"

Bring your EV to the Placemakers carpark – Saturday, 19th February 2022 at 2:30 to attempt a new record for the most EVs in one place, at one time, on an island.

2020 saw more than 200 EVs of all types and sizes gather at Placemakers carpark! Unfortunately we were forced to cancel this event due to the 'virus' ..

As at July 2021 our EV register is 411!

Solar Tours Saturday 19 February 2022

Vendors, with the cooperation of home owners and industrial sites, will provide opportunities to view and discuss solar powered initiatives.

Registration of interest will be provided via an on-line form as we near the occasion.

General Information

Solar Tool by GenLess

Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand

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